Above all, this whole ordeal with Slava is disappointing. He is one of my favorite players and to know that he would violently abuse his girlfriend makes my heart drop. It makes you realize that, although you may think you know some players, you only know the face they put on for the camera or at meet-and-greets. You don’t truly know what they go through. Lets all hope that Marta Varlamova is okay and this is a big misunderstanding.



Alright. People need to shut the fuck up about Slava Voynov. Look, I love him so much, he’s always been a favorite player of mine. BUT what he did is inexcusable. Domestic violence is awful and yes he ABSOLUTELY has to suffer the consequences of his actions. As should anyone who breaks the law.


Well shit, slava…

Hello Everybody

  • so for a while now I've reeaallllyyy been wanting to make another blog that's more personal because this blog is reserved for the greatest human being on the planet aand so I cant post anything else. so, I did! My other blog will be more personal so I can interact with my followers and post stuff other than slava's adorably awkward face(: i'd love it if you guys followed me, and if I recognize your url from here i'll def follow you back! Don't worry though, this blog isn't going anywhere. my new blog is anze-kopistar.tumblr.com



Hey everybody! tylerswagguin and I created a group chat on the app (and website) GroupMe! If you want to join here’s the link: https://groupme.com/join_group/8478441/dN5IcL

this is a group message for hockey lovin people!

we WILL NOT under ANY circumstances…